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Sync Cloud Storage has been providing its services on the market for several years, if you are looking for simple, convenient and fast, and secure then this cloud storage is just right for you, as thousands of other customers have done. Following from the name, its main feature is clear at once – the program makes instant synchronization of your document in the cloud with the same document, but on your desktop, and vice versa. Sync Cloud can be compared to Dropbox in many ways, but it still has a couple of distinctive features. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at Sync Cloud Storage and its features.

Sync Cloud features

So, as mentioned earlier, the main function of Sync is its instantaneous synchronization of files between cloud storage and desktop folders, provided that this cloud storage program has been installed on your computer. Setting up and using the program is very easy, you won’t find anything unfamiliar on this server that other better-known cloud servers don’t have.

The space supports document version control and management, so you can restore a previous version of a file if you need to. With a paid subscription to sync cloud, all of your old versions of documents can be stored indefinitely, but if you use the program in the free version, they will all be erased within a month. 

 Sync Cloud Storage also supports file and folder sharing and advanced sharing controls, which means you can control access to your documents, as well as set file passwords and expiration dates.

The program is perfectly compatible with mobile apps, if you log into the space through your phone all your videos and images will automatically be moved to the storage, and if you use a group account your data will be protected according to certificates of the best security standards.

But in this Sync cloud storage review, we are not just talking about the advantages, we also notice the disadvantages, and those, unfortunately, are present. Sync Cloud lacks important features such as security and privacy, good data management between multiple PCs, but if you are happy with that and just need a lot of space for a small fee then this option is fine.

Interface Features

You can install Sync Cloud on your PC (any operating system) quite simply. After installation, the application ends up on your hard drive and then everything that gets there is synchronized with the cloud.

The interface of the program is definitely a joy, it’s simple and easy to understand and makes it easy for you to upload files to the space using the drag and drop function. If you so desire, you can store all your data online without having local copies, for example, if you want to save space on your PC.

Since sync cloud storage does not have too many functions in principle, there won’t be much on the display, but the mobile versions of the program are not a bit worse than the stationary ones. All the same convenient and intuitive.

Security Features

Sync Cloud Storage’s security features include the following:

  • Two-factor authentication – to protect against unauthorized entry
  • Stateful encryption – which means that even the space developers themselves can’t see what information your files contain
  • 256-bit encryption – to protect your data both at rest and in transit
  • TLS tunnels -protects against tracking your files as they are transferred over the network

The Sync Cloud has almost no integration with other third-party applications, and in one sense this is a good thing because it reduces the number of ways your account can be exposed.